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'hooray! - my bigpond interwebbs service is operating!!!' posted by Little green man - 10/11/2010, 20:02:49


Hey, cj, I'm catchin
Hey, cj, I'm catching up after being away. I've had the same genarel, all-purpose email address since 1996! I now have another one for blogging, and yet another for newsletters, but I like having the one I've had for a long time, because some friends, and some cousins don't communicate for ages even years, and then when they do they can still find me.As I am wont to do, I thought long and hard before choosing an email address, so I have one I'm still happy with: part name; part nickname; part philosophical position.My newsletter one is a fairly bland name, and I have it because I get a lot of them. I never give my full name when signing up for newsletters, just initials.As for your quizzes, the first one tells me I'm an entertainer , too. I don't think I try to be particularly entertaining in email I feel I'm more an information sharer . But it's true, I don't just dash them off. I see every piece of communication as a reflection of me so I do try to put some thought and care into them.Quiz #2: You love email but you can have too much of a good thing. It's easy to spend all day on the net if you're not careful, so you tell people not to email you too much nonsense and you keep your own messages short and sweet.You use email for both work and pleasure, but you know the value of a good face-to-face conversation too. After all, you haven't fired or dumped anyone by email yet. Well, I don't tell people what or what not to email me about; on the other hand I reserve the right not to read or reply if I don't want to. I have a friend who regularly sends me political and financial news, and gets miffed if I don't reply with thanks for each one. Oh, Well! And I can sometimes ramble on in emails (like I'm doing now!) but I do that in real life, too, so it fits.The research article you linked to was interesting. I guess email addresses are the first impression, the first thing that our correspondents see. Never really thought about it, but there are some I get in my mailbox that, even though I know and like the person, make me roll my eyes whenever I see them.Your first one is very embarrassing, and, I enjoyed reading about it. CJ: Wow, that's a long time to have the same email, Muse! I've had one for about six years for the same reason; I still get family members or friends sending the odd message and it always goes to that address. I've given them the newer ones but they never listen. It's a good idea to have a separate email address for a blog, though; it's just more productive and helps anonymity too.I think you're probably a mix of different email types. You're definitely an entertainer but maybe you're a bit of an idea fountain as well. Or an information sharer; that would work too. I'm not sure about the second quiz; that result seems more about using the net than an email style and do people really get dumped by email? Glad I haven't experienced it yet!The first impression we give in real life (our appearance, etc.) is often what people judge us on, so it doesn't surprise me that our email addresses would do the same thing online. You want your address to seem productive in the same way you want to seem presentable in an interview, and if the email itself is messy, that's what people will remember, the same way as if you were (or weren't) articulate in person. I'd like to see another study, though, which takes into account a wider variety of ages. It might get a different result.And glad you enjoyed my embarrassment, Muse! I wonder if I'll ever live it down.


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