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'Got new glasses! (pictures)' posted by Sessy - 30/08/2005, 15:19:33


Glad you are appreci
Glad you are appreciating the audio were prtety pleased about it!The Chinese computer is big, fast and you could use it to run a prtety spiffy gaming server on.You can't run a prtety spiffy gaming server with distributed computing power people get upset about how much bandwidth your using.Your comment has just reminded me that we promised to put a link to Knightwise's How to on exactly your question. I shall make a mends for that as soon as I am done here.I edited, mixed, encoded, tagged and published the show in under two hours. The impact has more been that the stress of the crap audio is gone and it is so much easier than software or minus mixing anything. Simplicity and it is awesome.Nope I don't believe that we were measuring a phone platform on apps stores. What we were doing was comparing apps stores to app stores and how quickly the model has caught on both in business and obviously community. So it was not an Android Vs Apple thing more of an observation thing. But if you were to compare those two and then look at the Ovi store Geeze now Nokia is going down hill fast! Ovi store has about 22 downloads every second Apple App store about 350 per second I can't actually get a figure on how many apps are in the Ovi store but I know it is not as many as either of the other 2 platforms sure it supports more devices atm but with the uptake of Android and the fall of Nokia that could change. Plus those figures are from late 2009 until Jan 2010 could not source anything more recent telling eh So weather you like it or not the apps and the stores and the rate of use and the number of apps does have some relationship to the phone and the platform. In both success of the store and the platform hence the reason the Ovi store is crap no one is buying their bloody phones! The other thing is that it is just plain interesting to see the rise of Android and how successful they are becoming. And a giant like Nokia screwing the pooch compared to the rest of them.A little science to the so called bullshit. And were not having a go at Android I think the general consensus was they were doing great. We are not Apple fan boys here not even Knightwise and KD defected anyway plus he can't seem to keep a portable device from them in his possession longer than 12 months without losing it or cooking it.


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