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Nicholas Jonas was b
Nicholas Jonas was born on September 16, 1992, in Dallas, Texas. He has been singing ever since he was ltilte and has starred in several Broadway musicals. Some of them include Beauty and the Beast , Les Miserables , Annie Get Your Gun Out , and A Christmas Carol . His band, the Jonas Brothers, include two of his brothers, Kevin and Joe. The band actually started as a solo project of his. Nick prefers texting rather than myspace or aim.Nick Jonas has the same birthday as Sabrina Bryan of the Cheetah GirlsNick shares a bedroom with his brother Frankie.Nick can do one-handed cartwheels.Nick attended Eastern Christian High School in North Haledon, New Jersey. His favorite way to chill on a rainy day is watching movies.Some artists Nick has on his iPod are Maroon 5, Johnny Cash, The Animals, and The Rascals.When he watches a TV show or movie, Nick likes to write reviews about them and giving his opinion.He is a big Johnny Cash fan. Nick's favorite childhood book is Magic Tree House.Nick's favorite subject in school is Spelling. His favorite science subject is Geology.Nick's favorite piece of clothing is a Yankees hat. Nick's favorite after-school snack are Twinkies.The first theme park Nick ever visited was a Six Flags in 1997.The first book Nick read was Silly War on Sunday.Nick says that they only things that make him cry are onions.The first song Nick ever sang was a song from Peter Pan.Nick's favorite thing about school is learning new information.Nick's favorite historical era is the French Revolution. Nick's first major purchase was a Gameboy Advance. Nick's most ridiculous New Years's resolution was to stop drinking soda, but he said that it was too impossible for him. Nick admitted to enjoying spending time with Miley on their tour together on the Ellen Degeneres' show in 2007.Nick's favorite car is an Escalade.His favorite musicians are Stevie Wonder, Fall Out Boy, and Switchfoot. His most influential people are his parents. As a child, Nick describes himself as very creative and independent.He owns 12 guitars. Nick hates it when his brothers take his stuff. Nick's favorite type of Marshmellow Peeps are the ducks.Nick was inspired to play guitar from watching Fall Out Boy. Nick would save his guitar and his Bible if his house was to catch on fire.Nick is a fan of Penn State University's football team.Nick can fall asleep in the most uncomfortable positions. The first movie Nick attended was Barney. Nick's favorite pastime is reading.Nick's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Nick's favorite after shave is Abercrombie.Nick's favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys, he doesn't mention it a lot because he is from New Jersey and people would make fun of him.Nick's first trip out of the country was to Toronto, Canada. Nick's best friends are Maya Kibble and Mandy Vandamye. Nick weighs 115 lbs.The main things that make Nick laugh are his brothers.Nick's favorite pizza topping is cheese.Nick loves his mother's egg casserole dish for breakfast. His horoscope is Virgo.His name, Nicholas , means Victory of the People' and is of Greek origin.His middle name, Jerry , means Spear Ruler and is originates from Germany. He hates spiders. Nick has an iPhone. His ringtone is the James Bond 007 theme song. Nick's trademark is his curly hair. Nick prefers Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi. Nick's favorite dessert is pumpkin pie.Nick's favorite Baby Bottle Pop flavor is cotton candy. As of 2007, Nick lives in Los Angeles, California.Nick craves McDonald's right after he plays golf. Nick likes watermelon candies.Nick's eyes are supersensitive to light.Nick's favorite fruit are plums. Nick loves Germany.His favorite superhero is Spiderman.His favorite season is spring.Nick likes mint-chip flavored gelati.Song writing is Nick's way of letting his feelings out.Nick naturally has brown hair and brown eyes. The subject Nick likes the least is math.Nick would rather text a girl than call her.According to Kevin, Nick can't stand it if someone wears his socks, he flips out and its funny .Faith is very important to his entire family. Nick's purity ring has Poned' inscribed on it which means to be let down or disappointed'.He was discovered in a barbershop while getting his haircut.His nickname is Nick J.Some people say Nick J is off the chain. His favorite drinks are Coke and 7-11 s Slurpees.His favorite sandwich is an Italian Hero.His favorite movie is Finding Neverland. His favorite song is Superstition by Stevie Wonder.He hates it when a girl is afraid to eat in front of him.He loves Red Bull (an energy drink).He can breakdance. When Nick was in the Broadway play Beauty and The Beast, he played Chip.Nick can juggle.Nick wrote the song SOS based on a past experience. thing Nick must have in the studio is Hershey's chocolate.Nick's favorite song to play in concert is Year 3000. Nick was originally going to have a solo album but when the record company heard about his brothers (Joe and Kevin's) musical talent they formed the band the Jonas Brothers .He once missed a family vacation to be in a Broadway play.His favorite ice cream is cotton candy.His favorite actors are Matt Long and Keri Lynn Pratt from Jack and Bobby.His favorite sport is baseball. Nick loves Green Tea Frappuccinos. Nick's favorite candy is Sweet Tarts and gummy worms.If he were a crayon he says he would be the color, Royal Blue. His favorite cereal is Cheerios.His most ticklish spot is his feet.His favorite food is steak. Some of his hobbies includes playing baseball and golf, collecting baseball cards, tennis, songwriting and music.Nick has Type 1 Diabetes. He was diaganosed in 2005 while he was out on tour. Nick's most prized possessions is an Olympic Gold Medal, his iPhone and his golf set.Nick's celebrity crushes are Jordan Pruitt, Anna Kornikova and Brenda Song. The first thing Nick notices in a girl is her eyes. As of 2007, Nick is 5'7 1/2. Hope that was enough info


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