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'wraithborn' posted by Little green man - 17/07/2011, 16:35:27
'comrade hero' posted by Little green man - 17/07/2011, 22:37:38
'Should Comrade Hero still have a star on his chest if it's the new Russian flag?...' posted by Admiral Memo - 09/08/2011, 14:30:17


What you see from th
What you see from the VA is mostly prngapoda at it's finest. Agent Orange Deep Water Navy vets are denied service connection. The Secretary of the VA has went out of his way to ensure that they will never be service connected. I am Desert Storm Navy sub veteran. I served during Desert Shield/Storm. I have genetic blood enzyme condiditon known as G6PD. This condition reacts badly to both shots (including the anthrax shot) and chemical weapons, as well as chemical spills. I served on the USS Pittsburgh. I am denied service connection by the VA. I would like like to known the reason of how I got sick when I should be healthy I have documentation similar to other vets. The differenc is the laws which John R. Gingrich totes only applies in certain areas. The VA is extremely vocal in denying veterans that got sick in the wrong areas. The VA is extremely focused on rewriting history stating that troops did not get sick before deployment. The VA is extremely determeined to deny research that might focus on any kind of vaccine or chemical weapon exposure from scud etc. The law of presumtion is similar to the what the Agent Orange Vietnam veterans go through. I am experiencing it first hand as Navy veteran from Desert Storm. The soliders creeds does not apply you will be left behind if you served in the Navy in the wrong areas. The soliders creed does not apply if you got sick before deployment. The soliders creed does not apply if you do not meet the new boots on ground ideology. I have medical proof to back up my claims the VA just choses to ignore it. After all the first time around when they told veterans to go away it's all in your head we would still be there if not for the work of fired researchers who stood up for us. This includes Dr. Haley and other. The VA recently was so bold as to remove Anthrax vaccine injections from the list of possible causes of Gulf War Illness. To hear them talk they would have you belive cases like Sgt Lavester Brown of the Air force who had reaction do not exist. Again the VA is filled with prngapoda if you as veterans continue to allow it to occur then you are paving the way for again more injustice to fellow military memebers who got sick. Remeber your oath to the Constitution of United States you all swore. Forget the mythical tale of we take veterans. The secretary of the VA has one agenda it is to take care of Soldiers. Discrimination against Navy veterans is very obvious now days, however, what can you do sue the VA for armed forces discrmination? If you think justice is being served with disabled Navy veterans you would be wrong.


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