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'anyone here on skype...??' posted by Little green man - 14/11/2010, 16:50:56
'Yep. I use it frequently.' posted by Admiral Memo - 16/11/2010, 13:36:01
'The acicdnet of finding this post has brightened my day' posted by Rosangela - 08/05/2013, 09:53:15


People like Dope sca
People like Dope scare me. In my research on the rise of Nazi Germany, I relaly became dumbfounded when I learned how easily the people of Germany, and for that matter, the overwhelming majority of Europe and Russia could find it acceptable (perhaps even appropriate) to pillage and murder their neighbors and brethren. We are not even talking about people of a different color here. They looked like themselves, they worked like themselves and like themselves were proud of their nationalities. Shit, many didn't get out when they should have because they loved their country so much that they couldn't see the atrocity coming even when it was right in front of their eyes. Yet the influence of one well studied and powerful speaker nearly eliminated half of an entire race as well as six million others. It pains me to see that the resistance at the time was so little, but I truly understand it.Humans are pack animals. One need not look past fashion , social media, pop music for the evidence. In America, this pack mentality is perhaps more prevalent now than ever before, in our apparent' need to ally ourselves with one of the two major parties. Very few think for themselves. Very few dig below the surface. Very few realize that reading their iPhones while driving is a much bigger problem than school massacres, yet the drones continue to focus their energy where the smallest bang for the buck might be obtained. It's what their leaders want them to focus on whilst they continue to implement programs which strengthen their base to the detriment of the greater country.So getting back to why Dope scares me, it is his undying need, not only to swallow the preachings of his party leaders, but also he feels the need to spread the gospel. He aims to stop people from thinking for themselves. And he appears to be a genuinely nice guy, almost likeable. Those are the dangerous ones. Like when W' convinced everyone that Saddam had WMDs, most would agree that he was likeable too. But those same people that Dope cheers for today, are the same stupid sheep who went along with that boob of a president. He doesn't hold those members of congress responsible. This is reprehensible and scary. Biden claims to have been shot down over the Middle East, when his chopper suffered engine troubles and yet he becomes VPOTUS. He is a man so cowardly that he felt the need to generate a lie to feed his ego. Then there's the Mozillo loans to countless members of Congress. I could go on all day. The list is endless. And it's not me being partisan. They all suck and are playing you for the fool. But as much as I continue to try to convince you of the error of your ways, it is futile. Just as Hitler convinced much of Europe that the Jews were responsible for the woes of Eastern Europe, you are convinced that Republicans are responsible for the continuing erosion of the American quality of life. Sadly, it's both parties and their continuing need to cater to their base for votes and to pay back their corporate sponsors/donors (lobbyists) for their cherished livelihood. Most of their supporters play along. You volunteered to join the SS.


19 december 2014, 10:00:13



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