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'Didn't watch anything. (N/T)' posted by Selma - 15/08/2012, 20:32:42
'I would have thought the gymnastics would appeal to you (N/T)' posted by admin - 24/08/2012, 23:03:31
'Nope, not at all. Also; don't have a t.v. (N/T)' posted by Selma - 09/09/2012, 12:23:07


I am voting for Obam
I am voting for Obama bceuase it is my right as an American citizen to vote for the candidate of my choice. It just so happens that Obama is the candidate of my choosing. He is intelligent, has integrity, and class. Obama has superior interpersonal communication skills, and I like where he stands on the issues. He is wise and strong as steel, which is obvious and evident by all the racist BS that has had thrown his way and yet he still manages to stay focus on the issues. He is smooth and a gentleman. Obama is not a negative thinking person. He knows how to pronounce leaders of different countries names, and knows the difference between our allies and enemy. He is not a bomb happy warmonger and has good common sense. Obama is a good husband and father who truly loves his wife and treats her with the utmost respect.McCain on the other hand is crazier than a road lizard. He acts like he is just itching to start a war with not just our enemies but also our allies. He is a big liar and a cheat. MCain disrespects his wife in public and that lets me know how he has no respect for women in general. That comment he made about Chelsea Clinton when she was just a child, lets me know that he is mean to kids. He has lapses of memory. Picking Palin, let me know that he lacks good judgment. He doesn't even know the names of other countries leaders. McCain is for rich folks and could care less about those who are not rich. He is an adulter. He is a mean old goat that needs to take an anger management class, but I doubt if that would help him, bceuase he is set in his ways. He is stubborn. McCain is a racist and does not like blacks, hispanics, or Asians, or gay people. McCain has no original thoughts or ideas of his own, bceuase he steals some of Obama's thoughts and ideas and claims them as his own. He is too old to be running for anything, he needs to be thinking about retirement, bceuase he is going through the first stages of dementia and it's obvious and Ray Charles could see that. McCain wants to privatize Social Security and mess with Seniors medical plans. He has a bad temper and I wouldn't trust him near that button, bceuase he might go off half cock and push it when he has one of his temper tantrums. He is a bully and holds grudges. McCain is a butthole. He is not presidential material.


17 december 2014, 10:44:51



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