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'!!!! - explore the Enterpise D!' posted by Little green man - 14/06/2014, 16:56:14
'apparently different turbo lifts give you different options of decks so you have...' posted by Little green man - 14/06/2014, 17:04:48


May 30, 2012 at 10:0
May 30, 2012 at 10:01 pmSeveral factors hrmaeped implementation: political instability, social unrest, issues related to administrative capacity and a recession that was much more severe than previously projected.I think they are right. In autumn/winter 2009 PASOK was way to busy with appeasing those stevedores in Piraeus or other very well salaried unionists after their Ipargoun Lefta -victory went south because they played political games with the huge debt that really existed. And ND did not dare say anything because they knew they were caught in the act of robbing the citizens of this country blind. Society first was massif in favour of change. Unrest was only something organized by the unions. When, after 6 months of doing nothing the MoU came about, still only the vested interests went on to the street. But during that summer, people began to see that the nomenklatura did everything to block real change and keep its status quo. THEN social unrest started really. During that summer it became clear that the years before autumn 2009 were also already recession years. But that was kept hidden by ND. So, instead of falling into recession in 2010 for the first time and having some fat on the bones, the Greek people and businesses had already endured 2 years of crisis. We all knew that, because we had to tap into our reserves long ago. And it all began and it all ended with the total failure of the Greek institutions to get even the simplest change or measure right. The failure of coming up with even the most basic plans to rescue Greece. Everybody seems to have forgotten that youth unemployment was already massive in December 2008 when Alexandros Grigoropoulos was shot. The riots and social unrest was massif. There was already a generation without a future. Although I have to admit that 25% youth unemployment seems like heaven now I grant you that the MoU did not solve anything. First because it was based on totally false premises that became only clear after it was agreed. Second because the Greek government chose to implement just the chapter Tax-hikes' and shied away from every single structural reform. Third, the Troika let this foot-dragging pass, because they were way to afraid of what might happen to banks and societies outside Greece. If the Greek government had come up with a viable plan to get Greece out of this crisis and had implemented the structural changes immediately most of the sh*t we are in now would not have happened. And the MoU-II had looked way different. But instead we had the Reppas and Katsellis. Both way to busy appeasing their friend in unions and business. Both way to busy with their own agenda's instead of coming up with viable alternatives. But slowly I see history being rewritten to fit the prevailing mood now. Wake up, please! Akis was already enjoying every last cent of his ill gotten gains. The milk-scandal had broken en went away. Vatopedi was already done. And 4-4-2 was already long the rule when dealing with taxes. How many teachers in that long strike of 2007(?) did strike in the morning and went to their frontestirio job in the afternoon? How many pensioners were working in family and other businesses illegally and could get away with it because they had IKA from their pensions? How much money was spilled on gilded labour contracts at DEKOs? Ministers who build illegal houses. Ministers who had illegal Indian housekeepers, they called friends when they got caught. Ministers who build houses when the townplanning just allowed for a kantina. Parnitha burning. 46 Dead on the Peloponnese in that awful summer of 2008 with a state that was totally incapable of doing anything effective. Social security funds were already robbed empty to pay the bills of a bloated state. Greece was sick long before autumn 2009. A walking dying patient. But we just did not see it. Maybe did not WANT to see it. But lets at least try to come up with solutions of our own, without constantly looking for scapegoats abroad. Let's hope SYRIZA will come up with detailed plans on Friday. Let's hope other parties will follow suit. Let's hope the voters will punish those who are just blowing hot wind. Only then we will have enough power to keep what is valuable and force alternatives to the MoU-II through alternatives that are viable and sound. Let's hope


17 december 2014, 06:48:38



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