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'Unprotected wireless network' posted by NovaFlash - 02/04/2011, 21:50:42
'This right here makes me glad I live an ocean away' posted by Muffy - 03/04/2011, 06:06:51


I'm not a good write
I'm not a good writer, so I don't even know where to begin. But I'll start with soniehtmg that warmed up my rainy saturday this past weekend I went to eat at a place called Krazee Grill in Carson. It's a place not so far from where ArtCIty, Inc. (Rex' business where I worked for him) was located. As I had my meal, I remembered coming to Krazee Grill for lunch often during my ArtCity days. I hadn't been here since then. I definitely thought of Rex and the great person and mentor that he was to me.Rex, I met you at a very important moment in my life. I was still in high school and unsure about my career path. You helped guide me in my path when I had no one to guide me. You taught me about working hard and to always push yourself to do the best you can. I got my first car thanks to you. You passed on your Green Rocket (your Toyota Tercel) down to me. I'll never forget what you told me then, I'm doing this for you now because I want to help you and can help you. All I ask is that later in life when you are in the position to, I want you to help those you can. I have many memories and great learning experiences while having worked with you at ArtCity, Inc. and FastCash Financial, I cherish them deeply.When I finished my meal and got up to leave, I noticed that on the wall of the restaurant there was a framed print-out of a newspaper review of Krazee Grill. I suddenly recalled Rex had once told me that he had our company frame that review for the restaurant. This was one of Rex' favorite places for lunch, aside from El Ranchito (aka Chile Verde). As I looked at it, it warmed me up inside because It brought back memories of Rex. In a way this frame, at this restaurant has become I don't know what to call it, a sort of memory spot or sort of mark to me. It's like, Rex has left a mark on this place. But only those that know that he had given this frame to the owner would know.When I think of Rex, in my mind I see you the way I saw you last. Sitting down on an office chair reclining back with your hands behind your head. relaxed. smiling. I will never forget you, and will always remember you a the great person that you were.Shirin, my prayers go out to you, your daughters and the family. I hope you're recovering well.


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