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This was a very info
This was a very informative moldue. I liked the portion on scoliosis and Kyphosis. I had heard of scoliosis, an abnormal later curve in the spine that occurs at varying degrees of severity. Most always scoliosis is found in childhood. I remember being checked for this in grade school. Our nurse would come into the classroom and each child would hunch over and the nurse would visually look at the curvature of the spine. If diagnosed the treatment is typically bracing to prevent the curve from worsening. In severe cases surgery to correct the misalignment is needed. I had never heard of Kyphosis. Kyphosis is similar to scoliosis except the curve is posterior exaggeration. It is also called hunchback. This I had heard of but did not know the medical term for it. Unlike scoliosis, it occurs more often in adults and elderly. The portion on dislocations, sprains and strains was interesting as I recently sprained my ankle really bad. I used to hear of people spraining their joints and never really understood the severity, nor did I realize the amount of recovery time involved. A sprain is when a joint is twisted just wrong enough that the ligaments are injured. The joint will usually bruise, this is caused by the hemorrhaging blood vessels surrounding the ligaments. This injury is very painful. In my situation I was stepping off of a porch with my middle child on my hip, I stepped down with my right foot and it cocked to the side resulting in my landing on my ankle. I heard a horrible POP and down I went. The baby went down too. It was one of the worst pains I had ever felt and I was sure I had broken it. Xrays revealed a sprain. I was very surprised. I didn't think a sprain could hurt so bad. It has been close to two months since the injury and although I can walk without pain usually I know that it is still very sensitive and weak. In the mornings it is painful to bear weight. Seems like I have to wake it up before it is ready to go. I know that i will always be more careful now. I learned that there is a difference between what I did and a strain. That is more of a pull of the muscle. Both painful but are treated very much the same. Rest, cold-compress initially then a warm compress to promote healing.


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