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'Chopped Over 11 Inches off my Head' posted by Muffy - 01/04/2011, 13:39:42
'makes me think of how much we must have all changed over time...' posted by Little green man - 02/04/2011, 00:32:48


Celtic is a business
Celtic is a business first and foeosrmt Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's the difference being the customer base and product sold.They already have the season ticket money so know they will not lose financially by attacking the GB now, they also work on the principle that fans have short memories' they will be angry just now but, come season ticket renewal time they will be blinded by some PR activity praising them as the best fans in the world and amazing loyalty etc to get them to part with their cash for the coming season.As others have mentioned they are happy to take the financial reward of the GB TIFO's and the worldwide coverage they get .yes, the GB TIFO and the GB Thunder' the members of the GB FINANCE' these and their season tickets from their own pocket and the club benefits from the PR.Remember the fiasco at the start of the season the club would not comment on the sevco situation being non committal on any outcome . as they wanted people to buy their season tickets .when the fans were holding back they then rolled out the PR machine and issued ambiguous statements to get the fans back on board.For a more blatant use of similar tactics just look at Green and Sevco and the way they played on the loyalty of the Oldco fan base to get more money out of them yes we have a laugh about it but is it really any different to how our fans are treated?Come season ticket renewal time there will be the usual push to renew early or lose your seat to someone on a waiting list and so on ..Now, what action can the fans take? A boycott for the rest of the season.Hitting the forums spreading the newsCreating a negative pressEnsuring that it is covered worldwide on other clubs forums ..such as BarcaImagine the media coverage that could be created by such a boycott and the questions that would be asked as to why it is happening.However .the reality is, as has been seen by various fans view points for and against the GB .it will be business as usual no real effort to drive the issue .people will take up their tickets again .and the club board will sit round the table laughing about the LOYALTY of the fans and how they have milked it yet again.More tickets will be sold in the GB section and more GB members will be banned!


16 december 2014, 10:15:10



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