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'No Loot Lists? Oh, what has become of us!?' posted by Muffy - 26/12/2012, 01:50:14


My Loot List
But, boy, do I feel funny posting it!

From my friend Jenn:
First 4 books of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series

From my besties:
Groupon for dinner out at an English-style pub

From Husband:
Beautiful leather journal
Red/Black reversible coat (cut was wrong, so it went back, but it was GORGEOUS)
Hattitude Knitting Book
Horseback Riding Lesson
Mizpah Coins (Sterling Silver)
Chocolate Covered Cherries

Stocking from Mom & Stepdad:
Singing Lady Gaga Toothbrush (gag gift)
Laughing Happy Pill (little toy)
Pocket make-up brush set
Light-Up Christmas Necklace
Candy Necklace and bracelets
Homemade Ornament (from Mom)
Star Lollipop
Eiffel Tower ornament

From Sister and Brother-in-Law:
Knock-off Scentsy Set

From Little brother and Sister-in-Law:
Felt Blanket

From Other Brother and Sister-in-Law:
Indianapolis Colts Ornament
Washington Redskins Ornament (in honor of my grandmother who passed three weeks ago)

From Santa:
Spa Neck Heater
Eight Eyeshadows with Carrying case
Make-up cases
Paddle Brush
Round Brush
Two scented nail polishes
Entertainment Book of Coupons

From Step Grandparents
Box of Chocolates
Knitted hat
Three pairs soft socks

From Sister-in-Law and her husband:
Fragrance Set

From In-Laws:
Gift Card to Olive Garden
Dragonfly Keychain (same one she gave me two years ago)
$100 towards a AAA membership (our car was totaled two weeks ago)

From Uncle Pete:

From Sister-in-Law:
Pumpkin Bread

From Daddy:
Two skeins yellow yarn
Lighted Make-up Mirror for Bathroom

*phew* Ok, I made it through all that. If you note, my grandmother passed three weeks ago... That was really rough. She went into the hospital the day before Thanksgiving, and we spent most of Thanksgiving there with her, and most of the next few weeks. Well, I did. My boss gave me permission. You see, the weekend after Thanksgiving, we were told she might have Cancer. That following week it was confirmed, and by the weekend of the 1st... No, on December 1st, we found out it was small-cell lung cancer. She had weeks to live, if that....

My boss let me work from the hospital, and then from my grandmother's house. On the 5th we brought her home, and she was tired, but still conversing. By Thursday it was whispers, and by Friday a word here or there. Same for Saturday. But Sunday, she was silent.... She died at 2:35AM Monday the 10th with her son, my father, holding her hand and singing to her as she passed. I'm so grateful for that.... and that my aunt and uncle were there, too, and that I could be there to help them through that terribly difficult journey. She was buried that Saturday after a funeral Friday, and though I miss her, I'm so grateful for God's hand in all of it. My Papa (who died over 20 years ago) was a Navy man, and he bough supplemental and additional insurance for Mima long ago... There are no medical bills. None. They were all taken care of. Yes, my father paid for the funeral out-of-pocket, but all the amazing care she received at the BEST hospital in the area is taken care of.... God provides. And my Daddy was there the moment she passed. He "happened" to wake up 15 minutes before his alarm for her medication, and he took her hand and sang to her. That's the last thing she heard on this earthly plane, and I'm soooo blessed by that.

So, why am I cheering Redskins? She was a life-long fan. When they won Thanksgiving day, she said in her thick Spanish accent and still-broken English, "They win for me." The next week when they won, she gave Hallelujah arms... and when they won just hours before her passing, I triumphantly announced the win as Daddy kissed her head and said, "Thank you, Mama." So, this year, I'm a Redskins fan in her honor.

As for the car.... Well, Friday was Mima's funeral. Saturday the burial. And Monday an industrial dump truck backed into our only car totaling it. Yeah.... This was also the day after we got my husband's father out of the hospital for blood poisoning complications from his stage 4 kidney failure dialysis, which is why he and my mother-in-law missed Mima's funeral.

It's been a rough month. But, BOY, am I blessed. My brother's father (who I still consider one of my Daddys!) came up a state for the funeral, and my brother came, too. My mom and my step-dad came, and so did two of my very closest friends, as well as my boss. There was an ARMY of love, and I'm so grateful.

Oh, and that car crash? Well, we had a loan out with my father for that car, which we've been paying back every month consistently. The money we're getting from the insurance will pay off that loan and possibly give us the needed money to get the windows in our house replaced, which will help our bills immensely! God is good.

As we step into 2013, I'm praying for a better year, but I'm also amazingly grateful. Many friends and family, and even coworkers donated to the American Cancer Society in Mima's honor, which means other people are going to be helped.... and that's so incredible, because I've now lost both my Grandmothers to the same cancer, though Mima never smoked like Grandmother did. In all this, in all of it, I am grateful. God is good, and I am blessed, and soooo loved.

Christmas Day, we did breakfast and present openings with my Mom, Step-Dad and all my siblings and in-laws. Then, we went to my Dad's and I watched "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" for my first time ever. I didn't want him alone in Mima's house (He moved in last year after her stroke) on Christmas. Then, we hung out with Matt's family and his sisters and all the kids. It was a full day, and I was exhausted, but how blessed am I?

Sorry for the novel, but I've been wanting to come and bring you guys up to speed, but there hasn't really been a BREAK. This weekend, there's much going on, but it's the closest to a break I've had in ages, and I'm grateful..... So grateful. :)


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